Shaheen Ahmed is a researcher and filmmaker from the Malabar Coast of Kerala. He was previously a multimedia producer at The Caravan Magazine in New Delhi. His work spans intimate portrait films, experimental essays, and engages thoughts on memory and identity. He is currently developing experimental art projects based on the cultural heritage of the Malabar Coast and Lakshadweep Islands. He is a graduate of the DocNomads documentary filmmaking programme based in Lisbon, Budapest, and Brussels.

2013-2016                       St Josephs College Arts Science (Bangalore, India)
                                         Bachelor’s Degree | Film/Video and Photographic Arts
2021-2023                      Universidade Lusófona de Humanidades e Tecnologias (Lisbon, Portugal)
                                         Master’s degree | Documentary Film Directing (DocNomads)

2021-2023                      Szinház-és Filmmûvészeti Egyetem (Budapest, Hungary)
                                         Master’s degree | Documentary Film Directing (DocNomads)​​​​​​

2021-2023                      LUCA School of Arts (Brussels, Belgium)
                                         Master’s degree | Documentary Film Directing (DocNomads)
Fellowship / Grant
2019-2021                       Multimedia producer, The Caravan Magazine, New Delhi
2023-2024                     Asia Art Archive - Inlaks Art grant 

Film screenings
w/ the film Lynch Nation
2019                                 Film Southasia Festival, Nepal, Kathmandu
2019                                 New York University, South Asia directed research initiatives
2019                                 University of Westminster
2019                                 UK Asian Film Festival
2019                                 The 11th International Convention of Asia Scholars, University of Leiden, Netherlands
2022                                 Kolkata People’s Film Festival, India
2022                                 Non-aligned Encounters, University of Tuzla, Bosnia and Hercegovina
2023                                 'Democracy - The Endangered Bird' by Hillside Projects / Swedish Contemporary Art Foundation

w/ the film Time Passed More Slowly by the Sea
2022                                 Dharamshala International Film Festival, India
2023                                 World Over Here, Lisbon, Portugal

w/ the film Uma mão e meia​
2023                                 Beast International Film Festival, Porto, Portugal
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